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The Original House Gangsta DJ Sneak will be returning Coda in Toronto for the nth instalment of his birthday beats tradition on November 8th.  While his Soundcloud page lists him in Toronto, I’m confused by the statement as I was told he wasn’t able to play at Digital Dreams in the summer due to border issues.  Huh?? Doesn’t exactly make sense to me but I’m glad he’ll be playing her regardless.


Other old school heavyweights holding down the fort and raising the cakes, will be Doc Martin whom I’m pretty sure I saw at a Phryll party at the Koolhaus in ’98, and there may or may not have been a spinning ball that you could climb into for a ride.


Love this track name.  Sums up pretty much how I feel, although, I’d be lying if I wrote I haven’t considered launching my own branded Jheri Curl line.

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