Israeli direction! Mmmm.

Directed by well-known Israeli actor and rapper/musician Michael Moshonov and Lael Utnik, the video’s stunning cinematography captures a beautifully directed love story between two emotionally drawn, young females.  Romantic scenes of the girls on the beach at dusk fit perfectly against the song’s warm electronic and trip-hop melodies and “hushed, intertwined vocals” as Pitchfork describes. 
Moshonov expresses, “The video was made with love. In today’s progressive world, it’s still hard for people to accept love between the same sex. This clip goes to show exactly that. It also shows that even if a heart is broken it was still worth feeling love even if it was too short.”
‘Move On’ is from GCM’s debut EP ‘Entertainment’, which was released on BLDG5 (download for free via Facebook . This Spring, Garden City Movement will be opening for Cults (April 6th in Tel-Aviv, Israel) and will be releasing a new EP.  

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