FUTURECOP! – “ATLANTIS 1997 feat. Cavaliers of Fun” OFFICIAL VIDEO from Ariel Belziti

Futurecop! are an awesome newish group that summon the 80s with He-man’s power of Grayskull, Lion-O’s Sight Beyond Sight, the Care Bear Stare-down, and a shit load of LSD-25.  I am particularly affected by this vid because it features the Aliens series capsule toys that I collected when I lived in Asia.

The group is made up of Manzur Iqbal and Pete Carrol, and their work has appeared on Souther Fried and IHEARTCOMIX labels, with support from Annie Mac, Noisey, Crystal Castles and Diplo.  Not a bad circle of friends there.  The new album  ‘Hopes, Dreams and Alienation’ comes out soon. 

They’ve only got 15,000 fans on Facebook, so why not give ’em some more love!





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