Trap music and phuture r&b probably wouldn’t be as successful if it weren’t for pop icons like Aaliyah and Salt n Pepa for them to draw upon. Debian Blak mixes up some housey 2-step, and a light dusting of hungover sloths mating with sea lion vocals that are seem to be ripped off of the XX. Sarcasm doesn’t mean I don’t like it. Cuz I do. Really. The ‘Chemistry’ remix is one of the best I’ve heard and is a sure fire panty dismantler for the dance floor.


The press release below has more stimulation for your corneas.

“In an exciting era for British electronic music creativity, Debian Blak holds his own as one of the emerging artists to watch. His diverse portfolio of work to date influences his current output and results in a fresh sound.” – RESIDENT ADVISOR

AUDIO DOUGHNUTS’ latest signing, DEBIAN BLAK, readies his much anticipated ‘Six Months From Mars EP’ for them featuring four original tracks with vocal collaborations from NEO JOSHUA and MT. WOLF’S (one of CLASH MAGAZINE’S 2013 bands to watch) lead vocalist KATE WOLF. To celebrate his partnership with the label he is giving away his three track concept EP – ‘Debian Blak x Aaliyah’ which is now available to download and share.

The three songs are a bootleg rework project dedicated to one of his favorite 90’s musicians – the departed RnB superstar, AALIYAH. Re-interpreting her music, Debian set out to re-build her songs as if he had originally produced the material today, taking them in a new previously unheard direction.

Full details of Debian’s ‘Six Months From Mars EP’ out on Audio Doughnuts will become available in the coming weeks. To get a preview of what the EP has to offer, Debian will be performing a live set at The Albany, Great Portland Street Saturday 23rd March with limited guest list available.

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