Bad Bad Not Good (via AOL Spinner)
Bad Bad Not Good are probably the most precocious group to emerge from the Toronto jazz scene in a very long time. Their second set of the night at the Hoxton was announced with an “It was good before, but this time we’re going to go twice as hard, we gonna do this sht!” Their talent has attracted attention from numerous media sources as well as foul-mouthed trendsetter Tyler the Creator of Odd Future. Their show proved that the young’uns can still rock out to experimental saxophones, drums, keys and guitar, and even drop more than a couple stage dives and mosh pits thanks to Gucci, their wildcat mascot. — Jesse Ship



Bishop Morocco (via AOL Spinner)

Bishop Morocco played a dark, haunting and reverb-heavy set at the Rivoli as part of the Arts & Crafts showcase. Soaring, anguish-inducing guitar riffs pleased the crowd. Even when they were uplifting their tone was still plaintive thanks to the deep Ian Curtis-esque baritone channeled eerily well by both bassist and guitarist James Sayce and Jake Fairly. As Sayce said to Spinner after the show as he made a thirsty beeline to the bar, “We’ve been making music together for over 20 years. What’s come out of it is this — an amalgamation of everything we’ve ever listened to.” 

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