Max Burgundy got the start treatment in my Spinner NXNE coverage last Wednesday.  Here’s what you missed!

Max Burgundy
A Bronx, NY native, Max Burgundy wasn’t fazed in the slightest when he was told his slot at The Crawford would be pushed back to accommodate some of the acts orphaned due to the Rich Kidd showcase cancellation. The half-Puerto Rican rapper delivered an emotionally wrought set that reflected on hard times growing up with alcoholic parents, cynical views on Internet privacy, and fantasizing over doing it with girls at the Museum of Modern Art. Songs borrowed bars from ’90s acts like No Doubt and the Cranberries, which ably reflected his new mix CD, The Death of Mark Fuhrman. It seems he knew Spinner might be in the building as he shouted out, “AOL! A/S/L?”, yet another reference to pre-millennium glory. — Jesse Ship

His new mix tape “The Death of Mark Fuhrman” also just dropped and you can give it a listen here.  Max told me pre-show that the title is a reminder that racism and discrimination are still very real things, and despite some progress, not much has changed since the mid-90s. The controversy over the Rivoli show cancellation only furthers the truth.

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