Mostly they appreciate the energy connected to sporting events.

“We are definitely making music to be on a soundtrack, or for a soccer match,” strong silent type Gaspard Auger told Spinner in a recent interview.

Xavier Rosnay agreed.

“We haven’t been watching the Olympics and we don’t love sports, but we love the simple and strong emotions related to them — like victory and excitement. It’s just like a fantasy,” says Rosnay.

Certainly athletic types are aware of Justice’s appeal. Last year Adidas used the song “Civilization” for their “Adidas is in all” commercial. The recently launched video for “New Lands,” directed by Canada, the Barcelona-based video production team, takes Justice’s music into even more sporting territory. The video depicts a mash up of various sports being played in a single game, ranging from lacrosse to football to roller derby, complete with robot laser targeting systems and pink glowing electrified balls.

According to Canada’s Luis Cerveró, “It was all about aesthetics and stylization: the ’70s sci-fi films of our childhood, with its gorgeous colors, gadgets and widescreen photography, and hints of Japanese anime, ’80s visual effects and sports films neuroticism.”

So yeah, exactly like sports.


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