10 Ways To Spot An Asian From Asia VS An American-Born Asian

Asians can be from Asia. Asians can also be from America or any other Western country that their families emigrated to several generations ago. Besides an accent, can you tell the difference? #thereisadifference #westernasianposted on Oct. 28, 2014, at 3:14 a.m.

1. At the beach

Asian-Americans: They tan, swim, do a variety of water sports and are not afraid to come out during high-sun.

At the beach

Asians from Asia: can easily be mistaken for a Mexican Lucha Libre wrestler. Due to their fear of the sun, they come out at dusk and use umbrellas as an extra safety precaution. If they do go in the water— it’s typically at most waist length.

2. Matching Couples Outfits

See an Asian couple with matching outfits?

Asians from Asia: match outfits with their significant other in any public setting for any occasion

Matching Couples Outfits

Asian-Americans: only appropriate if you’re a team on Amazing Race or going to a bar/event to support the same sports team.

3. Vaccine Scars

Asians from Asia typically have the Fob Dot located on their upper right arm.

Vaccine Scars

4. Travel Snacks Packed in their Suitcase on Vacation

Western Asians and Asians from Asia pack drastically different emergency travel snacks.

Asian-American Travel Snacks: Granola Bars, Potato Chips, Trail Mix, Protein Bar or Pocky/Hello Panda cookies as an homage to their Asian heritage

Travel Snacks Packed in their Suitcase on Vacation

Asians from Asia Travel Snacks: Ramen, Hot Tea Bags, Anything that you can add hot water to create an instant meal just in case their complimentary meal on their pre-paid tour tastes like garbage

5. Asian Men’s Hairstyles

Like fashion, cultural differences also exist in hairstyles.

If you see an Asian guy over 18 with a razor-shag + side-swooped bangs reminiscent of Justin Bieber circa “Never Say Never”, he’s most likely to be an Asian from Asia.

Asian Men's Hairstyles

Typical Asian-American Men’s Hairstyles for 18+: the fade, the fauxhawk, the buzzcut, slicked-back waves or the classic short-hairstyle

6. Recreational Sports

Asians from Asia and Asian-Americans share many of the same recreational pastimes (e.g., karaoke, grabbing bubble tea). However— sports is another issue..

Asians from Asia: enjoy playing popular British non-contact sports such as Badminton, Cricket and Ping Pong.

Recreational Sports

Asian-Americans: will only play Badminton/Cricket/Ping Poing with their 10-year old niece— being bored at a family backyard BBQ while holding a beer in their left hand.

For the most part, you can find them recreationally playing most contact sports like basketball, football, tennis or soccer.

7. Men’s Bags

Even Asian men’s accessories vary from east and west…

Typical Asian-American Men’s Bags: Bookbag, Messenger Bag, Duffle/gym bag, Breifcase, Laptop bag issued by employer, Totes (to only be used for the beach or grocery shopping)

Men's Bags

Asians from Asia: Totes (not to be used for the beach or grocery shopping), small satchels, big short-handle bags or clutches that can be mistaken for a woman’s purse.

8. Asian Women’s Cell Phone Covers

Is her phone cover bedazzled/bejeweled and she’s over the age of 12? She’s most likely an Asian from Asia.

Asian Women's Cell Phone Covers

9. Taking Photos

In general, Asians of all backgrounds love taking photos. But Asians from Asia can be easily identified by their strong tendency to take obtrusive photos with no regard to their surroundings. For example:

Whipping out their selfie-stick in the middle of a busy street during rush hour or at a crowded restaurant

Taking Photos

Or awkwardly squatting low or in fetal-like position with their DSLR

10. Calling Out Racism

Are you using the words “Oriental” and “FOB” to refer to Asians?
If so, you have likely offended most Asian-Americans and called out as a racist on Twitter.

Asian-Americans immediately let others know when something is racist, culturally appropriated and/or offensive to the Asian community via social media. Discourse amongst Asians from all backgrounds ensue if it’s actually racist.

Calling Out Racism

Notably, Asian-Americans are also more likely to call out if something is racist towards other races as well.

Now— let the discourse begin…

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