I’ve not yet seen Miyazaki’s supposed grand finale and animation masterpiece “The Wind Rises” but VIZ Media has proudly released the art book to accompany the acclaimed fictional biopic of Jiro Horikoshi, the designer of Japan’s Zero fighter plane.

“The Wind Rises is an epic story set during an important era in Japan’s history, and we very excited to complement Miyazaki’s landmark film with the release of this wonderfully illustrated new hardcover art book,” says Masumi Washington, Senior Editorial Director. “THE ART OF WIND RISES captures the evolution of the designs and characters that brought this captivating story to life. Join us to celebrate the work of one of the world’s most visionary animation directors with this new release from our Studio Ghibli imprint.”

Not only is the hard-backed 280 page tome filled with lush illustrations and eye popping colours from the historical manga, but it also includes the full script as a bonus! A must have for the Miyazaki completist.



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