Frenetic, psychedelic, and dark are just some of the ways to describe Flim’s dissonant anthem, Mind Control, the title track of this neuromancing 5-track EP.

Set over a rolling baseline and hard-hitting hi-hat, Flim’s fractured voice decries: “I am not a magic man”, in his native Thai, clashing beautifully with the otherworldly synth that sounds out across the track as it reaches into the dark recesses of the imagination.

Flim’s original is followed by four superb remixes led by Skymate, of Umek’s 1605 label, whose signature hardgroove techno style creates a dj friendly funk that will compel partiers hands to the air. Canadian producer, Benny Knox, uses a hard thundering kick to create a driving psychedelic experience that never stops pounding the brain. The EP also features the return of France’s HDRX to Maetta, who delivers a dark remix which combines droning pads with a deep bassline to create a digital world both pleasant and disturbing as it penetrates your skull. Similar things can be said for Von Pixel’s rendition, where he’s created a truly digitalized soundscape that forces neurons into a glitchy, Gibson-esque universe to exist in.

Flim might not be a magic man, but this dark and techy EP is magic enough.

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