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Peter Gatien Dunny release for CIRCA, Toronto
You might remember his movie portrayal as Michael Alig’s mentor in the biopic Party Monster, or maybe you’ve been one of his New York megaclubs like Limelight or Tunnel. In order to celebrate the new Kidrobot designed room at Gatien’s latest megaclub in Toronto, Kidrobot has eternally idolized his image in Dunny likeness. He doesn’t actually wear the eye patch anymore, but according to a close friend, the lips are pure Peter.

Kidrobot minishop/bar at CIRCA Club
Kidrobot is spreading its vinyl wings and delving in to new territory with their first club design at Circa. The story goes that Peter Gatien’s son is a big fan of Kidrobot and bugged his dad forever to have him get Paul Budnitz, founder of Kidrobot, in on his nightclub empire. Aside from the minishop, the Kidrobot bar features a smorkin labbit conveyor belt, dunny projections on the tables, wall murals and more. According to Paul, the best way to describe the room is that “it’s like Lucky Charms come to life.


Keiko, the Director, from Junko Mizuno’s Pure Trance
Pure Trance was a revolutionary manga for being one of the first to openly challenge female body image by tackling issues like anorexia and bulimia, illustrated through the use of the Pure Trance life Sustaining Pill which causes a condition called hyperorexia or severe over eating. Keiko is the director of the Over Eaters Treatment Center 102 and her origins are unknown. This is probably the hottest figure I’ve ever set my eyes on and no doubt it will sell like wildfire, for its challenging societal values of course.


Coot, by Wilfrid Wood
Coot gets in on shock value and evens the score for those who might be critical of unrealistic female proportion like the anime styled figures on the above-mentioned Director. He’s so big, naked and hairless, that he could possibly come in peace, except the ray gun he’s toting looks like it could possibly fry your balls off, or maybe it just makes your clothes disappear. Who knows? Ask artist Wilfrid Wood, at for an answer. The figure stands 7″ high and is available only in 400 pieces.


Toys Are Us: A Revolution in Plastic
Toys Are Us is one of the first of a new wave of vinyl toy docs. The first part is a shortish half hour introduction to the toy scene set at the San Diego Comic Con. It provides some nice eye candy for those who might have never been to a toy/comic convention, while the real meat of the doc is made up with a kick ass extended interviews. Highlights include Mars-1 divulging on his theories of alien life, a look at Patrick M’s (Rocketworld) lesser known FBI and CIA approved Kevlar studio, and a not to be missed tour of Frank Kozik’s private toy collection. Also featured in the extended interview section is Brian Flynn from Super7. Toys Are Us is available for $19.99 through Filmbaby (

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