Does anyone remember these trashy international spy series by Gerard De Villers, that were actually sponsored by gun and mercenary companies with their ads in the back pages?

My friend flashed me one the other day and it brought back deep memories of grade 4 in Paris where we had this dimwitted caretaker at EAB (Ecole Active Bilingue), who was sort of like a lunch lady/babysitter who would escort us to and from class and the park where we had recess in the Parc Monceau.  I don’t know why he thought it was a good idea to tote around books with scantily clad gun toting babes around grade schoolers. I never understood it back then, but for some reason the memory of this title stuck with me, and I probably asked my mom what it meant, which probably received blank stares from her but revealed that ‘manip’ in French means uhhh, some sort of coup? and Zagreb is, well, a place in Croatia.

From the back of the book jacket, taken from Amazon where this, and many of his titles are still available!


The CIA can be curious and extravagant.  Why would they move Malko, who is in the midst of a weekend his juicy lover Alexandra, and turn her into a super spy weapons dealer…. OVER LUNCH!

Arms purchasers are not often chill citizens, and if they realize that SOS is actually one of the best agents in the CIA, they’ll risk unloading their primary ammo…ON HIM!!!

The Serbs and Croats have hated each other throughout antiquity, and Malko has been tasked with engaging in the most EXTREMIST of the Croats, those who still remember Ante Pavelic, and the secret society of the Oustachi, created and directed by the Croat state who from 1941 and 1944, worked for Nazi Germany!

It is precisely these Oustachi that he is in charge of infiltrating.  He must infiltrate their ransk, identify members of this dusky clan, discover their sponsors… But, who says secret society implies absolute savagery and an absolute hate for the life of your eventual enemy?!

La CIA a parfois de bien curieuses extravagances : pourquoi donc avoir ainsi dérangé Malko en plein week-end amoureux avec la pulpeuse Alexandra, pour le transformer, l’espace d’un déjeuner en … marchand d’armes ?

Ceux qui achètent et vendent des armes sont rarement des citoyens de tout repos et si ses interlocuteurs découvrent que SAS est en réalité l’un des meilleurs agents de la CIA, ils risquent fort de dépenser leurs premières munitions … sur lui ! 

De toute antiquité, les communautés Serbes et Croates se vouent une haine farouche. Et Malko a été chargé d’entrer en contact avec les plus extrémistes des Croates, ceux qui se réclament de la mémoire d’Ante Pavelic, qui, avec le soutien de la société secrète des Oustachi, créa et dirigea l’Etat croate indépendant qui, de 1941 à 1944, collabora avec l’Allemagne nazie.

Ce sont précisément ces Oustachi qu’il est chargé d’infiltrer. Il doit remonter la filière, identifier les membres de ce groupuscule clandestin, découvrir leurs planques, leurs sponsors …  Mais, qui dit société secrète implique une totale sauvagerie et un absolu mépris de la vie d’un éventuel ennemi.

Screen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.06.16 PMfile:///Users/jesse/Desktop/Screen%20Shot%202014-01-28%20at%205.06.16%20PM.png

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