Rollergirl is the alias of boogie, funk and roller skates obsessed Adam Rich of Athens, Ohio. A few months ago, I received a simple pitch email on his behalf. It  was short and humble like many I’ve received, but embedded deep within the font was lurked a neon animal waiting to explode.  And so I clicked. And so I found love.  A love of Daft Punk, filter house, and classic disco  samples.

“There’s a big douchey pop-EDM crowd at I went to Ohio University where I studied, and it sucks. So I’ve tried to be the anti-thesis of that, throwing house parties and not being afraid to get my Mac soaked in beer,” he told me during a quick FB chat, just minutes  after I had received his pitch email, which sent me into hardcore FB stalker-mode. I had to know more.

His most recent self-titled album brings sassy, salty French fried filter house, as addictive as your fav golden arches snack packs featuring melt in your ear canal samples from Billy Ocean (can’t stop listening to this tune), the Mary Jane Girls, Lionel Richey, George Benson, and yes, of course Chic featuring the incredible “Let’s Get Our Roller Skates On sample.”

The  mid-2000s French Touch frenzy still holds a special place in my heart (and I hope it does in yours), so pop this in the player  to start your 2014 with a bang.

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