FriendsWithYou announce come out to reveal that they are actually trance-channeling shamans on a mission to heal the world one sacred stone at a time. Whether they are jumping on the hippy gem stone shamanic necklace trend or if they are devoted lightworkers matters little at this point. This is just amazing. Om mani padme hum.

The Psychic Stone is a new sculptural concept that directly involves the collector in the creation of each individual work, imbuing both spiritual healing and self-empowerment in the process. In this experiential work, Sam and Tury are shamans, asking collectors a series of questions to decode the true want and purpose of their individually crafted stones. No two pieces are alike, as each artistically divined item contains the individual collector’s unique self-reflection and wishes encapsulated within the stone’s sacred geometry. Each fine art object is created to help bring the collector everything he or she desires in life and to provide connectivity and protection. All stones comes with a custom magical ritual created by the artists, explaining how to use and care for the stone.


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