the orb flyer

It’s quite astonishing that The Orb have been crafting groovy ambient tunes for over 25 years and are showing no signs of quitting.  Dr. Alex Patterson has been known to tour solo but actual tours of himself with his partner Thomas Fehlman are more sporadic, so this is a very rare opportunity to see them live!

Their last full album, “The Orbserver in the Star House” was written in collaboration with Dub Reggae legend, Lee “Scratch” Perry, and they’ve also recently put out a 3 disc cd and DVD retrospective box set, “The Orb: History of the Future”.

I have two sets of two tickets to give away for Friday’s show on October 25th at The Opera House in Toronto courtesy of Electronic/Nation. To win them, just tell me the year of their first album in an email to jesse @ shipwrckd [dot] com.

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