As a guitar newbie, I was  excited to give  Rocksmith 2011 a test run, but ran into a number of snags trying to get myself hooked. I turned to musician friends to help decipher the guitar system, but even some pros were baffled by the teaching method that decided to literally re-write the wheel. They basically threw tablature out the window and created their own signature system. In Rocksmith 2014,  Ubisoft wants us to believe that they’ve listened long and hard to feedback and improved on a number of aspects including the dreaded loading times between songs.  I love the frankness in creative director Paul Cross’s speech, the glint in his HD eyes, and  especially his bleeped out disclaimer to millions of n00bs like myself who think they’ll be an axe warrior over night, now don’t forget kids “learning guitar is f**king hard!!!”  That being said, I still can’t wait to give this shred-machine a go.

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