Got a call from Purolater yesterday. So did my neighbour across the hall.  Turns out we both got awesome packages. His was a new iMac. Mine was a review copy of GTA V from Rockstar North.  We had a quick moment debating who’s package was cooler, and it’s possible that he won, but I know that the Purolator guy was on my side. He seemed to be just as psyched as we were for our deliveries.

I know it seems weird to write a post just on the swag that comes with GTA V, but Rockstar have consistently delivered exceptional and out-of-the-box promotional merch with their review copies.  Red Dead Redemption came with Western style black tar soap a deck of game-themed cards and dice wrapped in a leather case for chrissake.  With a $300 million plus budget on GTA V, my standards were high, and those mad scotsmen did not disappoint.

Follow below what’s in the box, featuring what I can only imagine are tokens and trinkets that refer to items in the game that I haven’t encountered yet.

High quality stickers from all your favourite in game brands!



And stickers of your favourite characters… of course!



I have yet to reach a point in the game where this comes up, but you never know when you’ll need a GTA V branded cobalt magnet.

BugStars fumigator truck, with light up LED GTA V logo/flashlight


Requisite gamer tee – San Andreas Federal Reserve. Nice teal colour.

“Look alive Simpson! I’m not paying you to gold brick!” 2 Gb gold bar usb stick.

Haven’t figured out yet if this is a bullet-shaped rape whistle or dog whistle. I’m going to go with dog whistle…..


Soapy smelly Benjamin car dangler. Fine print reads “Purveyors of bullshit since 1776”

Oh yeah, and there’s a game in there too!


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