Scandinavia’s Filippa K may not be as well known in Canada, but back in the frozen norths of Europe, they even have their own vintage stores.  Makes sense since they’ve been around for 20 years.

This F/W Men’s season introduces a black tux and keeps with the tradition of minimalist and monochrome slinky, loose items, like this fancy merino wool toque that even fits my head.

Poppin’ tags! At the installation launch event at Klaus by Nienkamper at 300 King St E.


The F/W Women’s campaign goes off in a completely different direction with lustrous stretchy gem coloured coloured stretchy bottoms, and texture embracing tops for their signature casual elegance.

Filippa K can be found in Toronto at Contraband and Corbo Studio on Cumberland St., in Yorkville, Gravity Pope , Robber, and Dutil Denim on QueenW., Passport at the Billy Bishop Airport, and The Bay at Yonge & Bloor.



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