You know the battle of the next gen consoles is starting to send out the artillery when Xbox, as promised, has deployed its “handpicked” freebie  handouts to Xbox Gold members.

Starting today, you can download the cyberpunkish Crackdown, arguably far better than the mediocre sequel, Crackdown 2  (I think the best thing to come out of that were the free skull-stomping boots for my avatar.  There’s nothing more annoying than having random players jumping in and out of your game and fucking shit up in your campaign. Thanks for that less than useful feature. Not to mention unintuitive and hard as steel wrecking balls gameplay.)

The August line-up of titles includes:

·         “Crackdown” ($14.99 US ERP )  – Available between August 1 and 15

·         “Dead Rising 2” ($29.99 US ERP) and “Dead Rising 2: Case Zero” (400 Microsoft Points) –  Available between Aug. 16 and 31

Dead Rising 2 and the DLC sequel are being released in anticipation of Dead Rising 3

You can even get them straight from the Xbox Games Store link here (if you havent snafued your Microsoft login email like I have. OUtlook, MS Passport, Hotmail combined with an iron gate of customer service? Geez guys, could you get it together?), which will automatically download to your Xbox 360 console the next time you log on.

More games to come every month until the launch of Xbox ONE!




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