The City is in your hands with Watch Dogs, the latest in interactive gaming technology from Ubisoft that plays off of the global ANONYMOUS movement. Except in this dark fantasy world, the elite circle now goes by Dedsec, and they’re a little more militant. What will be a immersive and hotly anticipated cyber-hacker themed game coming out this November, has recently been released a geolocation based mobile game for Android and iOS.  Upon downloading the mobile game, you will be greeted with an official email welcoming you into the shadowy underworld.

Screen Shot 2013-08-01 at 4.52.54 PM

A bit like Google’s Ingress, Watch Dogs mobile taps into local maps and allows you to hack various landmarks in your neighborhood from cafes, to bars, churches, schools, parks and even taxi stands (which I think are actually Green P parking lots).


The more attempts you make to hack, the more points, money and levels you can climb.  Starting territory wars with neighboring hackers is all part of the fun as everyone is competing in weekly challenges with prizes from brands like Sennheiser, EB Games, Frank & Oak, Playstation, Ubisoft, and with the grand prize, a 2014 Scion tC Cruiser.



Last week’s challenge was to hack a certain bank machine. For anyone who’s ever had their bank account defrauded from using a sketchy ATM, be warned!  You might feel a bit uncomfortable with the next video.

But if you’ve always wanted to live the life of a 21st century cyberpunk but just didn’t have the means, or the techy know-how, you’ll want to download it now (iOS, Android) and join the fun!



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