In anticipation of the new NIN album ‘Hesitation Marks’, I did some digging around for new tracks and instead came across this obscurity from 2008.  It makes me feel like there might have been a time when Trent Reznor and James Murphy hit it off at a rooftop party in Williamsburg and they became BFFs for a few weeks.

Anyway, as you can hear, the remixes produced were more like disco-boogie dancefloor burners, V1 and V2 go on for a wild and crazy 14 minutes of repetitive loops.  The original tune is almost imperceptible save for some of the bass lines.  There’s also a woman’s vocal sample with some Blondie undertones, that may or may not be Trent’s voice processed and distorted. It’s very much made for the DFA-camp of hipsters and obscurity-philes. Most dedicated Industrial fans wouldnt be caught dead playing these.  It’s no wonder that two out of three of these are still under 1,000 views.

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