James Perse has been steadily building his brand of ultra-comfortable LA-styled pima cotton chic basics across North America since 2003, but his presence is fairly new in Canada.  I was at the Toronto store “launch” last month. I say “launch” because it has actually been at 18 Hazelton Ave. since November, but maybe the beachy de luxe clothing shop needed an outspoken oomph to let their brand be heard.  I actually first came across the designer while perusing the local Winners aisles (the shock! the horror! But seriously, Winners is actually a great way to keep up with lesser known brands and trends since most of their stock comes from US vendors), and I’m happy to know that they’re available now in Toronto.


Tasty snacks were served and music by Toronto’s up and coming indie rock band Cai.ro was performed.  Sadly there wasnt enough room on the floor to include their second guitarist, Dante Berardi Jr, but Cai.ro have been in high demand for their easy listening and wide audience reach, and I had a great time chatting with him about the music biz and their invovlement with Audioblood Media.


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