I went to a press announcement last week for the first ever Canadian Philippine Fashion Week (June 10-15), hosted by the extravagant and eccentric former MTV Philippine’s host and media personality, Jeff Rustia and went home with a lunch box from Max’s Restaurant aka Max’s of Manilla, aka Max’s Chicken (yes all three titles exist in their branding separately. Consolidate guys! ;p) .  I’m not as experienced in Philippino food as I’d liek to be and I’ve never heard of Max’s but from what I gather they have quite the following in the  community!

The rice came wrapped in paper like a Big Mac, but actually reminded me more of the rice burgers you’d get from fastfood joints in Asia like Mos Burger or, just plain old McD’s even.   Adobo chicken with a few chunks of beef and some stir fried noodles both came in tupperware-styled containers.  The food didn’t stand out in a big way but it was tasty none the less.  You never know who’s going to be attending these media events, so I guess they wanted to keep it safe.

The fashion week it’s self looks quite promising, with major funding from the Philipino telecom giant PLDT, Philippine Airways, Mary Kay and others.  Proceeds from the event will all go to the Kol Hope Foundation, a society that Mr. Rustia set up in memory of his own son Kol, who was born with Trisomy-related disabilities and chromosomal disorders.



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