I’m really impressed with this new album from Ghost Capsules, made up of Vienna’s Bomb The Bass’s frontman Tim Simenon and a supporting band he met back in the day.  It’s a far cry from Bug Powder Dust (classic) but it has that classic Chilled Out Vienna sound (yes, I think that is a thing?) that you’d have heard in other Germanic  trip hop artists from the late 90s like Rainer Trüby, Tosca  or Kruder & Dorfmeister but updated with modern technology and dark synthy aesthetics echoing Trentemøller’s epic dirge ‘Even If You’re With Another Girl‘.  Like everything old, this stuff is having a comeback and i’m really happy that it is. As if the jellyfish/space zeppelin/mothership/portal album art work wasn’t enough… whoah….chills! I wish I could post the full album to give you the full effect but I’ll let you figure that out on your own.


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