The only things that I know about Milwaukee are what Alice Cooper and Wayne Campbell taught me in Wayne’s World and that my writer friend Kelli Korducki is apparently from there.  This one’s for you, Kel! Congrats on your Canajianship ;)

“Milwaukee emcees SPEAK Easy and Dana Coopafeel drop the video for the single “One of These Kids”, featuring Prophetic of UMG and produced by Da Ricanstrukta –off the 2013 EP “Uni.Fi Records Presents…Dana Coppafeel and SPEAK Easy.” SPEAK Easy, known for his soulful, conscious lyrics and Dana Coppafeel, a wise cracking emcee, are an unlikely pair, but that’s what make the project so compelling.

The two artists are both on Uni.Fi Records, a Milwaukee label that was founded in 2004. Next year, the two will release head-nodding seven-track ride that is as much about musicality and instrumentation as it is about lyricism and style.

The unusual partnership has been a boundary-pusher for both rappers; and the especially-collaborative process, that engaged national and local artists, musicians and producers, has added a new dimension to their sound as well.”

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