Check out some footage from Dreamgirl Whatever’s debut show at El Rancho Relaxo in Toronto.  This is one of a couple projects started by singer and composer Nicole Simone (aka Miss Late July) and Dusseldorf-based producer and remixer Nico Vetter, who’s just 22!  The two got in touch through another band, Mystery Skulls, and have yet to meet (not even Skyped!), but that could change soon.

There’s an undeniable guilty ‘electro-pop’ pleasure quality to the tunes and while they’ve really just begun, there has been some interest from some high level people  (Ellie Goulding’s management) according to rumours but it’s really too soon to say where the wind might take these day dream believers. Tuesday’s show featured Bart Bret Simpson on guitars.



Check out their full EP below, and make your way to the website for some tumblr-esque fun.

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