I was introduced to Vancouver’s Dirty Radio last night thanks to the good people at DMD/Strongsongs.  They’re on an Ontario tour with Dragonette right now but they did this one off gig since there was time in between shows.

The video above, “Found You” was directed and produced by Michael Columbu, of The Weeknd’s “The Knowing” video, fame. Apparently he was supposed to meet the Dirty Radio guys but was held up at the BC/Washington border since customs suspected his biz might not just be pleasure related after skimming through his laptop, so they rushed to meet him for 3 hours while Columbu snapped some green screen shots to use for the vid.

I see a lot of potential going for them with high calibre music video support, incredibly tight musicianship and a solid blend of pop and future r&b stylings. They’ve recently released an actual mixe cassette (released on iTunes & an actual hard copy tape) with support from  Sherry St. Germain, Ryan Dahle (Limblifter, The Age of Electric), and Marlow Holder (Kinnie Star) which I can’t wait to hear to satisfy my 90s Edgefest loving inner child.  The “Cinema” cover came outta nowhere, so I couldn’t resist taking a vid.  I’ve had a guilty pleasure/soft spot for the song thanks to prepping for my Benny Benassi interview last October (on Spinner), and the remixes featured on the Forza: Horizon soundtrack.

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