Birdy Nam Nam

Posted on Dec 11th 2012 5:00PM by Jesse Ship

French band Birdy Nam Nam have figured out why EDM has taken off.

“In America, EDM is finally talking to young white Republican voters,” Lil’ Mike, the tongue-in-cheek parrot of France’s four-person former turntablist-turned-beat-maker crew jokes with Spinner.

The crew already bring out hordes of fans in France and the rest of Europe, but have recently flapped their wings across North America after being discovered by Skrillex on the European music festival circuit last summer. The lop-haired one liked their set so much that he couldn’t wait to get to his laptop to drop a remix of their “Goin’ In” tune, which is now raking in millions of YouTube hits.

Their music doesn’t exactly fall into the dubstep category, but the wobble-heavy beats are probably the most logical way to gain new fans while on Skrillex’s OWSLA Records North American tour.

“[Skrillex] really understood our band’s energy. If we were touring dubstep in Europe, it would be different, but it’s the best way to get in touch with our audience,” says Lil’ Mik. “What we’re doing isn’t hip-hop, EDM, dubstep, techno, but it’s a bit of everything at the same time. We have to find all kinds of ways to find our audience, so dubstep is a good avenue.”

What started as a loose four-man turntablist and DMC scratch champion collective has evolved into something a little more current, with a high energy medley of organized swooshing and stabbing chaos added to their sound.

“Now we use M-audio pads, mini synths, Serato, effects boxes, turntables. You know, simple stuff,” he says nonchalantly.


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