Seth Falk is kind of an incredible dude. He’s under 30, has a zoo license (the only one in downtown toronto), and under  his company, Hands On Exotics, he  owns over 90 exotic animals. From desert lizards to 20 lb Columbian Pythons, lion headed rabbits, multiple lemurs, a kangaroo, five different parrots, and most recently, Katya, a five year old lynx that lives in his home with him.

I was incredibly lucky to get to volunteer with him at one of his regular visits to a retirement home (he does these trips up to three times a day).  Apparently you need at least three people on hand when showing off a big cat.  Yes, we brought a big ass deer hunting, target pouncing cat to an old people’s home.   Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to take picutres during the animal demo, a) because I was busy volunteering and b) you’re prohibited to take pictures at retirement homes unless you are a family member.  However, we were still able to snag a few at the end, as you can see here.

After the hour long demo, we returned back to the ‘office’ to clean cages and put the animals away.  Seth keeps everything germ free environment as much as possible, at least when it comes to handling animals.  My hands were heavily doused in alcohol-cleanser the moment I set foot in his animal area.  Needless to say, I had a ridiculous amount of fun in the lemur habitat, where I frolicked for 20 minutes while three kinds of lemurs and a coatimundi kissed, licked, cuddled, nibbled and licked their way through my hair, hands and feet. All photos from the cage were self-shot, hence the moments of incredible awkwardness.

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