Highlights of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2012

– Being featured in Vice’s scathing critique of post-modernist art and e-tard exploitation.

– Douglas Coupland’s Museum for the End Of the World.  Maybe I missed a few things but it would have been enough for me if none of the other installations existed except for this wacky world of raw meat loving Santa’s Helpers and zombie socialites.

– The free party at the Red Bull office with one of Toronto’s hottest future bass exports, Christian Anderson aka XI, and other djs like My Man Henri.

– The upside down living room at the Virgo House in Kensington Market (not an official installation)

– The lean against a fence installation that my group spontaneously created.  Who ever thought the fence on Dundas that borders Scadding Court could be so comfortable! We met a dude on shrooms who was tripping out over his teacher that died recently, and one of our group actually knew who he was talking about! Then some bike cops came by and we invited them to join the fence too.  They werent really feeling it but we kept ‘m talking for a good five minutes until they politely excused themselves stating there were ‘”other things they had to take care of.” Pffft, yah whateverrrr.

Lowlights of Toronto’s Nuit Blanche 2012

–  Having the smart bits cut out in my Vice interview! I was just getting to the good part where I realized, hmm, maybe using my cellphone as a dictionary is post-modern enough? Alas, Vice just wanted to shoot people being douchebags, as usual.

– I was hard pressed to find anything that really knocked my socks off, ’nuff said about that.

– If the purpose of Yonge-Dundas was to create a safe space for the GTA’s under age drinking population as some kind of socio-political commentary, then I guess that was a job well done?

– Getting a media invite to what I thought was a street art installation at Joe Fresh on Queen W. Turns out it was a VIP shopping party (oooh, 20% off!)  in the store with glasses of New Zealand’s version of Jackson Triggs  wine and hors d’oeuvres.  They actually did have a quarter window installation showcasing some Toronto talent but it was more of an afterthought, visible only from outside. The food and wine was a nice snack but come on….really? Poor taste IMO, Mista Fresh, although i hate to admit, that men’s militaresque sweater did kind of catch my eye at $29.99. What I did learn from my first-time experience at the shop is that you are eagerly trying to earn the title of Canada’s answer to H&M.

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Your memory is uncanny

Michael Kim added these pithy words on Oct 03 12 at 12:45 am

hah nonsense, I actually forgot to shout out the Dundas food stall market, they must have made a killing that night.

Jesse Ship added these pithy words on Oct 03 12 at 3:15 pm

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