I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I really enjoyed this. Solid mix of old andnew with no predictable bits.  From the DJs: “”A bunch of it is stuff I’ve recently found while digging, there is the mellow jam from our recent Planet Mu record on there, and the latest single Max D did on Future Times, which is the label I do along with Max (aka Andrew),” Petillo tells us.
“I can’t always play the latest unreleased material from the crew as I don’t have a CDJ, only two decks. Of course there are some essential personal classics in the mix as well. Aaron and I are big fans of the Günter Schickert LP ever since he snagged a copy a bunch of years back when his friend’s dad was getting rid of his collection — he had some really nice cuts obviously!”

1. Günter Schickert “Puls” (Sky, 1979)
2. Protect-U “Invisible Halo” (Planet Mu, 2012)
3. Toto Coelo “Milk from the Coconut” (Virgin, 1983)
4. Logic System “Automatic Collect, Automatic Correct” (EMI, 1981)
5. Yas-Kaz “The Magical Stones & The Double Mirrors” (Gramavision, 1984)
6. Bell-Towers “Private Time (Dub)” (Hole in the Sky, 2011)
7. Peter & The Wolf “Peter and the Wolf (Instrumental)” (Carrere, 1986)
8. The Sleeping Pills “Elastic Fantastic” (Hangman, 1991)
9. Blake Baxter “When We Used To Play” (KMS, 1987)
10. Amy Jackson “Let It Loose (Loose Dub)” (Bigshot, 1989)
11. Last Floor Hotel “Track One” (Vibrations, 2012)
12. Spencer Kincy & J.T. “Not An Illusion” (Cajual, 1996)
13 .Dana “For U (For House Mix)” (Clubhouse, 1990)
14. Max D “Orgies of the Hemp Eaters” (Future Times, 2012)
15. The Answer “John (Acid John)” (Rockin’ House, 1989)
16. Yello “Homer Hossa” (Vertigo, 1981)

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