Ok, so you may have heard about this re-creational Janis Joplin-esqure tribute tour that Skrillex and Diplo thunk up one inordinately frosty LA  winter afternoon called the Full Flex Tour.  they thought to themselves, “Hey wouldn’t it be awesome to recreate her 1970 cross-Canada tour where she got freaky on a VIA RAIL train with the Grateful Dead and The Band?” (yes this really is how festivals are born.) Along for the ride will be Pretty Lights, Grimes, KOAN Sound, Tokimonsta and more.

HOWEVER! This tour is less about practicality than it is simply enjoying the ride. When asked about the run of dates, Skrillex said “we were really inspired when Mumford and Sons and Edward Sharp and those guys did a train tour. We wanted to do it as well and share this music with people across Canada. Just to do it and have fun.”

And fun will be had.  So much fun that I have a friend’s ticket available for sale.  Please contact me at ASAP as I hear the show is actually sold out.  Original cost was $60.05, and because you’re awesome too, the $.05 will be waived, at your convenience. ;)

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