I spent the last three weeks working as an Assistant Editor at Tribute Magazine, putting my time and efforts into the March/April 2012 issue. With the way things are going in the print industry, it’s rare these days to be working on site in a magazine office so I cherished every moment of the experience.

Their office was decorated by framed movie posters, some of them testaments of the company’s started in the movie licensing industry like their original Clash Of The Titans poster printed on film sheets with die-cut windows for the little actors headshots.  But the real cherry on the cake was the executive boardroom loaded with old cereal boxes with movie promotions from the 80s and 90s enclosed in lucite cases along with movie stickers, Garfield paraphernalia Star Wars toys, Star Trek (original motion picture) gummy candy, and other random “free toy inside” type toys.

The room was a fanboy’s wet dream that is not so different from my own living room, so, naturally, I had to capture it in all its boxy glory.


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