Glerups are an exciting product from the Scandinavian land of warm and fuzzies, a.k.a. Denmark. I quite like the vibrant, earthy, woolly tones that they’re available in. But what are they exactly? It’s a sock, it’s a shoe, it’s a combination of both that is ready for indoors and outdoor use and abuse.

Made from 100% wool, the makers of Glerups actually encourage users not to wear socks with them, exploiting the natural fibre’s natural self-cleaning attributes and their ability to keep warm  even when damp, five times warmer than any other fabric even.

Glerups come in three styles, the slip-on, the shoe and the full on ankle boot.  All models are lined with calfskin soles that provide whisper soft steps, and come in a wide variety of colours.  So far, you can order yours at I’d love to be able to see what a pair can do in this cold-snapping of a Toronto winter we’ve been experiencing.

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