C Batter C is a novel concept. Part time capsule, part homage to the family of the Orb founder, Dr. Alex Paterson.  The 17 opening minute track, Battersea Bunches Soundtrack, was written to accompany, an equally abstract short film that was shot in 8-track by the good doctor’s aunt Lil in post-war London, in 1956, and remade along with the help of graphic designer Thomas Coles. The album is an assortment of other tunes, and remixes there of, that must have been on the good doctors mind for quite a while, since Orb releases are getting scarce these days.  Most of the tracks are moving and spacy, with many, especially Batter C Bunny’s Munching Orbular Marrow Mix by long time collaborator Thomas Fehlmann, feeling at home in creepy British film productions of the late 60s and 70s like The Prisoner, or The Wicker Man.  The complete package comes with the dvd and what is supposed to be a very nice art book.

(from a review series that didn’t quite make it)

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