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Posted on Sep 20th 2011 2:30PM by Jesse Ship

Shunda K is one half of the electro-hip-hop group Yo! Majesty. When she’s not offering her services with her mobile production studio in ‘Itty Bitty’ Plant City, Florida, or performing with Yo! Majesty (the duo are touring North America right now), the outspoken lesbian is focused on her solo act where she plays a larger-than-life role model spreading a powerful message for truth-seekers everywhere — particularly wise women.

“Yo! Majesty is just me and my partner Shon B, and it’s more like f—-that-s— and I’m-gonna-say-what-I-wanna-say, let-my-hair-down-and-party music,” she tells Spinner. “We spit the truth, but Shunda K is more soulful. My ‘The Most Wanted’ [solo] album is about taking Shunda K from the church to the club. Let me spit some truth to the soul that’s looking to be set free.”

A deep love for Christian spirituality may be a touch controversial for a party rapper who’s had works produced by the likes of Basement Jaxx, but Shunda K holds her ground.

“Everything we’ve been taught is a lie,” she proclaims. “That’s why Shunda K is here to shed light on the truth. The Bible isn’t the original word of God, it’s a translation, as well. I got tired of listening to the pastor and went though original scrolls, the original s—!”

As if to prove her point, a fan at a show in Berlin recently asked the question, “How do I talk about God in a party atmosphere?” Her answer?

“You just got to do it! So what if you’re at a club? People might clench up, but they do because it’s the truth! They run away because they’re feeling that. Some people that come to my show feel like they have no chance of God loving them. They keep hearing, ‘If you’re gay, you’re an abomination, you don’t have a chance.’ But I beg to differ, I take it wherever I go.”

‘The Most Wanted’ features a crop of fresh up-and-coming producers who she met while touring over the years with experimental breakbeat artists like Chrissy Murderbot, the duo Deekline and Pure SX as well as Raspberry Cocaine. While the second single, ‘I’m Da Best,’ features her Yo! Majesty partner in crime Shon B (the ‘Strictly for the Ladies’ EP and ‘Yo! Majesty Reunited…IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!’ album are also going down the pipe). No matter who Shunda K teams with, though, her fierce spirit is at the forefront.

“These are people that I met on the road and resonated with,” she says. “I was like, ‘Oh my God, I need to get out and meet people of faith!’ I manage my own business and I’ve learned that there may be people that love what you do, but nobody’s going to make things happen for you but yourself.”

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