So, this is a great big wtf mess of noise.  Elucid, (stalwarts, Breakage & Jamie Vex’d [who now goes by Q-d0]) call it the ‘Pain Parade’, which is probably the effect it would have on your mom’s ear drums, and it comes from their new album Super Chocolate Black Simian, dropping Jan 11.  Dubstep seems to be going through an awkward, pubescent growth spurt, (let’s call it a tumorous), spreading its seed into all sorts genres where it doesn’t necessarily belong, like post-rock and east-coast hiphop.

Also, tune in for ‘Together’ a more forgiving, and melodically sophisticated track  featuring what I believe to be a sample from the original white boy selektah, David Roddigan.

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lol. this is funny. not the tracks, but your holier than thou commentary.

khal added these pithy words on Jan 05 11 at 4:02 pm

lol, you know it’s true!

Jesse Ship added these pithy words on Jan 05 11 at 4:14 pm

i wouldn’t go that far, though. i’d rather hear an emcee like Elucid on dubstep before some of the other guys. he can flow over the tracks and is actually saying something interesting. for as aggressive as tempa t is, and as much of a character that he can be, he’s got limited flows for anything he does.

i get that some of these tracks can be different/difficult, but with the dubstep/hip-hop worlds colliding (remember, 2010 saw Caspa get an official Ludacris remix out there), it’s something that i imagine you’re going to hear more of. if so, i’d rather this than “snoop dogg millionaire”.

khal added these pithy words on Jan 05 11 at 4:29 pm

Haha, ya, it’s true that you can’t stop the hiphop to dubstep fusion. Nocando has teamed up with DJ Nobody to form Bomb Zombies, who are doing an interesting job. But I was mostly commenting on what’s happening in the UK with everyone and their mother churning out three eyed, one legged, frankendub babies, like, say, Dave I.D. I thrive off of experimentation, but some of the new stuff feels like it still needs to mature into something substantial rather than being forced into a genre.

Speaking of Caspa, David Rodigan also did shout outs on Caspas last album ;)

Jesse Ship added these pithy words on Jan 06 11 at 2:33 pm

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