The Bug - Infected

By Jesse Ship

Just in case you have yet to be bitten by the Bug, Kevin Martin goes for the jugular, making sure you stay sick with his super-heavy dub madness. “Catch A Fire” will appeal to the angsty teen inside of you who can’t get enough of subversive little Asian girls chanting about burning the world down. This track features Hitomi as the agent provocateur, and the entire EP is built around this deeply disturbing track, easily the most infectious of the set. Autechre’s remix of “Skeng” is reminiscent of the Bug’s earlier work in the industrial scene, as dark sound textures are explored in depth with heavy clanks and echoes. Flow Dan’s vocal bits are reduced to eerie mutterings, with occasional splatting and squishing noises combined with the constant fritzing of a mosquito lamp battling a winged swarm. Also on the album is Roots Manuva on “Tune In,” a track bound to get your mojo, er, juju rising, as well as a remix by Scratcha DVA of the already anthemic “Poison Dart.” You may have a hard time finding a hardcopy with Hitomi’s buggy drawings (seen on many other bass-heavy albums), but the e-store is just a few clicks away.
(Ninja Tune)

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