Not to be confused with the Juno nominated Montreal progressive house dj, Max Graham, Mac Graham is (according to my pals at Resonancity) perhaps “the most oversexed ” R&B/Funk sensation to come out of London, ON.  but this cat knows what he’s doing as he’s been working in the recording industry for just over two decades. Highlights of his career include a Juno nomination for his role in the McAuley Boys, a Boys 2 Men  style group that some of you may remember, and a video for his song “You’ll Never Know” which got heavy rotation on BET Jazz.

His new album, Midnight, takes him in an electro-funk direction with songs like “Can We Get (Freaky Tonight)”, “Midnight” and in my opinion, the most  accessible song on the album, a cover of Kim Carnes,”Bette Davis Eyes”.

While his promo images may seem a bit over the top, he’s actually quite a talented musician, with his well-heeled, perfecly-pitched voice and his stop-on-a-dime four piece funk band, The Outfit. Mac Graham and the guys had the Trane Studio groovin’ in their seats and even some bold ladies wilin’ out on the dancefloor.

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