You know Basement Jaxx have reached critical mass when you hear drunk homeless people taunting each other with lyrics to ‘Where’s Your Head At?’ The DJ/Production duo showed up at Century Room on a Tuesday night to throw down a deep and dirty three hour house set. Clad in multi-coloured arty t-shirts, they sped through various periods of their 15 year long career, putting some special emphasis on the classic ‘Horns of Jericho’ desert progressive which gave us chills down our sweaty backs, bringing back  hazy Comfort Zone Sundays memories.

Competition was stiff for a midweek night given that Boys Noize was playing down the street and many of us were still in a post Halloween daze, but that didn’t matter to anyone. Personal space was not an option, but crowd-surfing was. As was sandwich dancing, heavy snogging and sweaty, shirtless, man love.

Tim Buxom took the lead for most of the set, jumping on the mic periodically to stun the crowd with his ‘I’m-an-evil-demon-from-the-House-dimension-and-I’m-going-to-FUCK-with you-tonight’ voice using the effects filter.

It was great to see them in town, but it also made me envious of the Europeans and Koreans on the other side of the pond who got a taste of their full band with celebrity supporting vocalists stadium tour deemed ‘too expensive’ to tour North America.

Mad props and special thanks to the UGR (UnderGround Republic) Crew who co-hosted the event with Embrace Events.

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