Ars Electronica is a “Festival for Art, Technology and Society”, a great initiative that we’ll be keeping an eye out for (it’s probably happening next year again).


We couldn’t help but notice the incredible work LICHFAKTOR did for the festival. They create footage using light and a variety of light sources:

The Cologne artists’ collective, consisting of VJ $ehvermögen (photographer and VJ since 1997 with many years of experience in the event field) and JIAR (communications designer and graffiti artist), experiments with the possibilities yielded by bulb (long-term) exposure and painting. Their aim is to explore all aspects of “lightwriting” and to develop it further. The LICHTFAKTOR crew intentionally uses the entire space in which a particular work is produced and integrates it into their photos and animated films in such a way that it’s not just a backdrop but a part of the work itself.

Check out some of the images they created below, and make sure you visit the site for more, or check out an exclusive interview with JIAR aka David Lupschen, at Format magazine:



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