Francis and the Lights is a band we love. They’re a part of The Normative Music Company, the “record label” founded by Jacob Lodwick, the guy who started Vimeo. They don’t do normal record deals, Francis and the Lights recently incorporated into it’s own company with an initial investment by Normative. It’s all a very interesting initiative for the band to control what they produce and for Normative it’s a great act to promote who will get people to talk about them. We’ll see where it leads, but there’s no doubt they are producing great music.francis

Their first album was released a few months ago, available on their website as a $5 download and on iTunes as well. Not only that but their first music video is a work of art, set in a simple stage with Francis pulling some awesome dance moves reminiscent of Prince’s style and with live audio, it’s so good they made it available as an HD download. Here it is embedded:

The Top (Music Video) from Francis and the Lights on Vimeo.

Their music is hot and pop, electronic lovers will appreciate the beats and rhythms they produce. Francis has a voice that gives them a very unique sound and brings some classic stuff to their show.

All in all, they rock, bitch!

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