Barbara Hulanicki was a 60s fashion design icon.  Known for her ultra-revealing party girl dresses, and unisex rockstar velvet suits which she developed for her deco-themed, Biba line, the monochromatic minx worked with high-end design houses like Cacharel and Fiorucci after the demise of Biba in 1976.

Having given up on design houses in the early 90s, the designer has turned to designing actual houses, clubs, and hotels.  And she’s actually quite good at it.  Mostly based out of Miami, the best advice she had to offer during her talk at the IDS 2010 was that “when designing beds for hotels in Miami, they have to be able to support at least six people.”  Also insightful was her correlation between fashion design and interior design, “well, yes, I think they are very connected, they both have to do with the use of fabric and colour.”

Barbara’s interiors are available to the masses via projects with Habitat, (a bit like Ikea, but mostly in Europe), and Graham & Brown’s almost psychedelic, deco-themed wallpaper series featured a few posts below.

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